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After speaking with Wolfgang Voigt about Kompakt, the Cologne-based label he founded with M. Mayer and J. Paape in the 90′s, we turned the discussion to know more about himself. He then shared few keys helpful to understand his state of mind and the evolution of world of music.

Special Thanks to Maxime Dangles and Bruno Vecchio @ Kompakt + Christophe Clément @ Le Batofar


… from acid house impact to focus on his own music

… on changing times and creativity behind closed doors

… about new media

1st part of the interview
Kompakt, a mature independant top label… deep inside with Wolfgang Voigt


… about Kompakt spirit birth early-90s

… + + special and exclusive video remix by Wolfgang Voigt:

Wolfgang Voigt – Du Musst Nichts Sagen (Doppel Voigt Mix)

… follow us…

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