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Nexeon is a battery materials and licensing company developing silicon anodes that provide lighter batteries with more power and longer lifetime between charges. It was founded in 2005 as a result of work done at Imperial College, London by Professor Mino Green.

Nexeon’s unique silicon anode material unlocks the potential of silicon to deliver increased battery capacity without compromising lithium-ion cycle life. It has developed a number of proprietary processes and equipment for producing silicon anode materials and for making electrodes. The benefits of Nexeon’s technology include increased cell capacity, lower cost to manufacture, minimal disruption to the existing battery manufacturing process, and improved battery safety margins.Nexeon has begun sampling materials to battery OEMs and automotive companies (mainly in Japan) with a view to licensing its technology and the company is in discussion with potential manufacturing partners for the supply of materials in commercial volumes.

CEO Dr. Scott Brown has a strong track record of intellectual property management and licensing. He has held senior management roles at Cambridge Display Technology (CDT), Sumation (a joint venture between CDT and Sumitomo Chemical) and Dow Corning. He was a key member of the executive management team during CDT’s NASDAQ IPO in December 2004 and their eventual acquisition by Sumitomo Chemical in September 2007, when he became responsible for commercial and R & D activities.

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