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Breathing Buildings was established in January 2006 after a 5 year scientific research programme at the University of Cambridge, funded by BP plc., to understand the fundamentals of natural ventilation.

The research led to the filing of a patent entitled Passive Ventilation Stack, authored by the founders of Breathing Buildings and owned by the University of Cambridge, and to which the company has exclusive commercial rights. Breathing Buildings was formed to commercialise the technology and secured initial funding from BP to develop and test prototype e-stacks.

Today the business has an order book (projects for which systems are specified) of over £2 million in the UK education sector, the first market that the company has targeted. The UK education market has increased significantly in the last three years, and Breathing Buildings has developed strategic relationships with a number of key clients.

More recently Breathing Buildings has developed relationships with two of the large UK retailers, with client-funded design review projects underway. The company has a pipeline of new products for development and is seeking potential partners for overseas expansion in European and US markets.

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