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Channel Partners

The Intruders tv Innovation in Music channel, featuring some of the leading innovators in Music, from DJs to Technologists, is provided in association with our friends at Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a London based startup, with a home in a warehouse in West London. A company of talented individuals, connected by a love for radio, problem solving and building exciting new projects, the Mixcloud team realised there’s an obvious problem on the Internet – that of connecting radio shows, DJ mixes and Podcasts to listeners.

Mixcloud believe all these forms of content offer a very similar listening experience – a “Cloudcast” – that is curated by a human enthusiast or expert. Often called the ‘YouTube of Radio’ Mixcloud uses shared experiences to guide listeners to the music they will enjoy.

At the vanguard of the next generation of Internet superstars, they also believe in simplicity and love clean design, enjoyable user experience, intuitive navigation and clear information architecture.

Technology Partners

Devilishly Handsome Productions
Through an innovative joint venture, award-winning film production studio Devilishly Handsome Productions, add highly technical post-production and creative pre-production expertise to our productions department.

DHP is a talented and innovative production studio, based in the Media Village London and recognised for quality, creativity and visual communication. Who work with our team to cover concept & script, on-set camera & directing, post-production, 2D animation, 3D animation and delivery on all platforms.

Their distinctive style brings a freshness and edginess to our productions.

EveryCity provide the hosting infrastructure for Intruders tv and their philosophy is simple – deliver the best hosting, backed by the best technology and the best people.

To serve our exponentially growing audience, we require 100% uptime, and a high speed resilient network. EveryCity, provide us with a scalable infrastructure, the latest servers, the latest operating systems and excellent customer service. We trust them to deliver.

Howard Baines
The Intruders tv website is designed and constantly improved by our friends at Howard Baines

Howard Baines are a web strategy, design & development agency with whom we share a passion for excellent service and solving problems.

They offer consulting, design and development services to help cutting edge web 2.0 start-ups and established household brand maximize their online potential.


Intruders tv videos are delivered by Ooyala. Ooyala provides us with an exceptionally robust system to cater for our ever-increasing audience and video catalogue.

Ooyala is a leading video technology company that provides us with a comprehensive suite of publishing, analytics, and monetization capabilities.

With Ooyala’s online video platform, we gain deep viewer insights that drive increased video engagement and monetization opportunities.

Ooyala serves global media companies and web marketers including Warner Brothers, Wenner Media, Fremantle, Armani, Sybase and Electronic Arts.

Syndication Partners