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Intruders tv represents Innovation, Early-Adoption, Insight and the Leading Edge, and we’re actively looking for more programme sponsors, channel sponsors and website partners to help promote Innovation globally.

Who Watches Intruders tv?

Intruders tv reaches an average of 1,000 English-speaking early-adopters per video per month. With a library of over 600 videos, that equates to (… *reaches for calculator*…) 600,000 individual views per month. These numbers are constantly growing as we syndicate our content to new publishers.
Early-Adopters spend more time online than any other demographic. The web is their shop, library and social secretary, and Intruders tv is one of their favoured destinations.

Quality Programming on Intruders tv

Our relaxed, unique approach to capturing innovators being interviewed by their peers conveys credibility and fosters a communal sense of identity.

Combine this with our award-winning HD productions and impressive motion graphics and you get high quality programming which retains an engaging, personal touch.

We’re careful to signpost our sponsorship partners to retain editorial integrity, and are keen to partner with a limited number of value-adding sponsors.

What results can we expect?

Intruders Media place an emphasis on long-term relationships with our corporate partners; it’s the best way to deliver long-lasting results.

But for raw numbers, our analytics suite give you the low-down on exactly who is watching your messaging, how often, from where, and for how long. We routinely integrate third-party tracking applications when requested.

Great – what next?

Get in touch! We have a range of sponsorship packages – from sponsoring an individual show or series, to full channel sponsorship.

We’ll help you deliver the best bang for your buck.

Are you still reading this? Why haven’t you called us yet? Do you need to know more?

Ok – well, we are currently seeking advertisers on the following channels and Programmes:

  • Technology Channel
  • Clean-Tech Channel
  • Music Channel
  • Fashion Channel
  • Round Table Series
  • Fireside Chat Series
  • Quickfire Series

    Many impressive brands and organisations are partnering with Intruders tv to associate their brands with Innovation and interact with our Early-Adopters.

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